Kendrick Brothers: Alumni making movies with a mission


KENNESAW, Ga. (Nov 2, 2020) — Brothers Alex (’94) and Stephen Kendrick (’96) have enjoyed making movies together since they were kids, when they would run around their neighborhood with a Super 8mm film camera and act out scenes as characters such as Alabama Jones and Savings Bond – their versions of Indiana Jones and James Bond.

“We would film these silly little videos, and most of them had the same plot,” Alex said with a laugh. “They all had a fight scene and a chase scene, and we loved it.”

The two Kennesaw State alumni have come a long way in their filmmaking. Alex and Stephen, who both earned communications degrees from Kennesaw State, have made several movies in the faith-based film genre and since 2013 have operated their own production company, Kendrick Brothers.

Alex, 50, writes, directs and acts in their films, and Stephen, 47, is a writer and producer. Joining them in the family business is eldest brother Shannon, 53, who works behind the scenes as Kendrick Brothers’ director of operations.

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