Meeting People Face to Face: History Research on Holocaust Survivors and WWII


KENNESAW, Ga. (Dec 15, 2020) — How can you meet people who lived through the holocaust and WWII face to face? On December’s episode of the Thought Provoking podcast, you’ll hear the words of holocaust survivors and people who lived through WWII that are part of oral histories gathered by history researchers here at Kennesaw State University. We’ll talk with Adina Langer, Curator of the Museum of History and Holocaust Education and Part-Time Instructor of History here at KSU, and James Newberry, Curator of Outreach and Special Projects for KSU’s Museums, Archives and Rare Books, about how researchers use these histories to help young people understand that history has meaning and relevance today.

We’ll learn how oral histories differ from journalism and how historians view the responsibility of being stewards of these stories. Our guests will also explain how they go about collecting these stories and how people can contribute to the collection.

Additionally, they will describe how they use these stories and how learning about people from Georgia who are holocaust survivors, WWII veterans or home front workers can help students in ways that reading about famous speeches or battles can’t. We’ll find out how oral histories help students connect with the past and personally relate to people who lived through momentous times.

Click here to visit the museum and listen to the oral histories.

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