First-year public relations student shares experience at KSU


KENNESAW, Ga. (Jan 19, 2021)The first semester of college is a time of transition and growth as students spread their wings and begin to navigate their academic careers, discover new interests and make lasting memories. In recognition of that significant step, KSU is highlighting students who have just completed their first semesters at Kennesaw State. Ty Poole, who is from Sandersville, Georgia, and plans to pursue a degree in public relations, shares what made his first semester as an Owl so meaningful.

What was the best/most beneficial aspect of your first semester?

The most beneficial aspect of my fall semester would be my support system that consists of my family and friends. They all pushed me to do my very best in my classes and always made sure I would be safe.

Who/what at KSU helped you in your adjustment to college?

My greatest support this semester were my roommates and friends. My roommates and I would sometimes do work together. If someone needed help, one of us would be there to easily help. I would always have conversations with my roommates and friends about Kennesaw, like where stuff was and how to meet new people.

Did your college plan change at all during your first semester (e.g., you thought you might major in one subject but then were introduced to something else and found a passion for it)?

The biggest change was my major. I went in with my mind set on pursuing biology, but as I went on, I had a change of heart and chose public relations/communications. The main reason I switched is because of my aunt who works in public relations. For the majority of my teen years, I would help her with her work and see what she does. So I feel like that has really impacted me. 

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