KSU, Moroccan university partnering in women’s leadership initiative


KENNESAW, Ga. (Jan 27, 2021) — Looking toward focusing her career on global issues and social causes, Kennesaw State University senior Grace Stafford became one of the first students to participate in a new cultural exchange program to promote and develop women’s leadership through research, analysis and digital storytelling.

As a member of Kennesaw State’s Model United Nations team for three years, Stafford conducted policy research about several countries including Indonesia, Palestinian Territories, Russia, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. She brought that experience, and built on it, during KSU’s women’s leadership virtual exchange with Hassan II University Casablanca in Morocco.

“I think that many people view Middle Eastern countries as being polar opposites to the United States in their policies and beliefs, but we’re a lot more similar than we are different,” said Stafford, an international affairs major. “I find the Middle East fascinating for that reason.”

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