Forensic Anthropology Field Lab Hosting Summer Courses


KENNESAW, Ga. (Mar 25, 2021) — Kennesaw State University's Forensic Anthropology Field Lab is hosting five courses for Summer 2021 as a part of the annual Forensic Fridays Professional Education series for law enforcement, mediocolegal, and investigative professionals. The courses do not fulfill standard undergraduate credit hours.

  • Search and Recovery Basics | June 11 | 8 hours
    Successful recovery of human remains requires the
    right training. Learn proper search techniques for
    multiple environments, mapping and documentation
    methods, and procedures for efficient coordination of
    present parties. This course has both classroom and
    field components
  • Death and Decomposition | June 25 | 8 hours
    Designed for medico-legal professionals who need an
    introduction or refresher on the processes of death
    and decomposition. Learn the physiological processes
    involved, estimation of time-since-death, basic forensic
    entomology, and body photography. This course has
    both classroom and field components.
  • Human Bone Identification | July 9 | 8 hours
    The recognition of human bone is vital to locating
    missing or deceased persons in a variety of
    environments. Learn to distinguish human and animal
    remains, identify the natural processes that degrade
    bone, and estimate time-since-death of skeletal
    remains. Handle actual forensic cases and examples of
    remains to consolidate and practice the material.
  • Introduction to Forensic Anthropology and
    Clandestine Grave Recovery | July 22 - 23 | 16 hours
    Learn how anthropologists determine forensic context,
    develop the biological profile, assess trauma, and
    estimate time-since-death. The latter portion of the
    course is designed to introduce you to the procedures
    of clandestine grave identification, excavation, and
    recovery. This course has both classroom and field
  • Special Topics in Human Remains Recovery | July 30  | 8 hours
    The proper recovery of human remains is key to
    investigating fire-related deaths. Join us for this year’s
    Special Topics course and gain scene-based experience
    in the recovery of burned remains from common
    scenarios. Students must have a minimum 16 hours
    of FAFL coursework to register. This course has both
    classroom and field components.

Who Should Enroll?
Law enforcement and other medicolegal professionals. Registration restrictions apply.

Click here to register or call 470-578-6765 for more information.