Kennesaw State student documents cross-country adventure for national contest


KENNESAW, Ga. (Jul 27, 2021) — Driven by her free spirit and love of adventure, Kennesaw State student Ally Lothman embarked on the journey of a lifetime at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic when she packed up a renovated work van and traveled the desolate roads, documenting her remarkable journey along the way.

Lothman, a senior majoring in journalism and emerging media who will graduate this month, was inspired by the Academy Award-winning film Nomadland, which follows the journey of a woman who travels the country as a van-dwelling nomad. She decided to create her own version of the film and renovate the van owned by her parents, and it earned her national recognition for her creativity.

“My boyfriend and I decided on a whim to go and travel when the pandemic hit, and I wanted to live the van life that I saw on Instagram all the time,” the 28-year-old Kennesaw native said. “It was amazing and was definitely one of the best trips that I’ve ever taken.”

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