Dr. Crowder lecturing at Marietta High School

 Dr. Crowder lecturing
Dr. Crowder  at Marietta High School

KENNESAW, Ga. (Dec 2, 2022) — On December 14th and 16th, Dr. Crowder presented guest lectures to the students in Dr. Delilah Moore's Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security classes at Marietta High School.  Dr. Moore is a former student of Dr. Crowder!  Dr. Crowder said, "I was honored to have a former student of mine invite me to speak to the students in her class.  I found the students attentive and curious.  They asked questions and clearly had the foundational learning in criminal justice provided by Dr. Moore."  Dr. Crowder also sits as a member of the task force assisting in curriculum suggestions and career insight for the high school students at Marietta High School.  Dr. Crowder will return in the spring to speak to more classes at MHS.