Kennesaw State University Hosts the 101st Annual Meeting of the Georgia Academy of Sciences, Introduces Inaugural Psychology Research Presentation

The Georgia Academy of Sciences (GAS) commemorated a century of scientific excellence at its 101st annual meeting, held at the Tellus Science Museum in Cartersville, Georgia.

KENNESAW, Ga. (Mar 8, 2024) — by: James R. Turner

Kennesaw State University (KSU) proudly hosted the event for the second time since 2012, reaffirming its commitment to advancing scientific inquiry and interdisciplinary collaboration.

GAS 2024 Meeting at the Tellus Museum

This year’s annual GAS event convened more than 250 scholars from a broad range of scientific backgrounds across Georgia's public and private universities. Among the highlights of this year's meeting was the inclusion of the discipline of psychology, marking a significant milestone. The addition of psychology expanded the scope of the interdisciplinary dialogue, fostering innovative collaborations and enriching scientific discourse.

Dr. Ebony Glover speaks at Georgia Academy of Sciences 101st annual meetingDr. Ebony Glover, Associate Professor of Neuroscience at KSU's Norman J. Radow College of Humanities and Social Sciences, delivered the keynote address, titled "Representation Matters: Examining Social and Biological Differences in Biomedical Research." Dr. Glover's presentation underscored the importance of considering varying biological factors when undertaking scientific inquiry, a point that resonated deeply with attendees and highlighted the need for a collective commitment to impartial research practices.

“I'm honored to have been selected to share my insights on the importance of representation in biomedical research,” said Dr. Glover. “I appreciate the opportunity to share my story as a black woman in a white male dominated field and connect with fellow trailblazers who are broadening representation in all fields of science. I loved taking the stage as the keynote speaker for this important conference. I hope that my story was one of inspiration and lasting impact.”

The two-day event featured more than 80 presentations, through which scholars shared their research findings and engaged in dynamic discussions. These interactions facilitated valuable collaborations and inspired a renewed enthusiasm for scientific exploration among participants.

Dr. Brandon Lundy at the 2024 Georgia Academy of Sciences Meeting"The GAS annual meeting allows faculty and students to share their research with peers and get feedback,” said Teresa Raczek, Radow College Professor of Anthropology, and this year's Organizing Committee Chair. “Many of the research projects focus on topics relevant to the state of Georgia, but other projects are more general and relevant to the broader scientific community. It’s an important learning experience for students, many of whom are presenting their research for the first time."

At this year’s GAS meeting’s end, attendees departed with a renewed sense of their shared dedication to advancing scientific knowledge and promoting interdisciplinary collaboration.  The attendees' shared dedication mirrors KSU's commitment to fostering academic excellence and driving innovation in scientific research, as demonstrated by the institution's involvement in this year's GAS event.

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