B.S. in English Education

This single field program is designed to prepare English teachers of adolescents, largely at the secondary school level (grades 6 through 12). It leads to 6-12 teacher certification in the teaching field of English/Language Arts in Georgia. Candidates complete the equivalent of a major in English/Language Arts and a second major in pedagogical studies with an emphasis on teaching English/Language Arts.

The English Education program aims to prepare teachers who have a broad, rich knowledge of the discipline of English (including courses in British, American, and world literature, language theory, and writing) and who enact an integrated, reflective, and theoretically informed pedagogy for English/Language Arts.

This program is fully accredited and approved by Georgia’s Professional Standards Commission for teacher certification.

For more information on specific classes, see our B.S. in English Education degree information in the KSU Graduate Catalog.

English Education Undergraduate Advising

Apply to the Teacher Education Program

Instructions and Application

Yearlong Clinical Experience (YCE) 1 and 2

  • To be eligible for YCE, you must have:

    • Admitted to Teacher education (see above)
    • Preservice certification
    • 2.75 GPA (minimum)
    • Completed all other pre-YCE coursework
    1. Complete the YCE online application. Please print a copy of your confirmation email and submit it to Rhonda Nemeth in the English dept office, EB 155 by January 29.
    2. Complete the CEPP YCE Field Placement Request by February 5 (available January 15).

    See the CEPP page for more information about clinical Experience Placements.

  • The yearlong clinical experience takes place during your senior year with the following standard sequence of coursework:

    Fall Semester
    ENED 4414: Teaching ELA I (3 hrs)
    ENED 4650: Yearlong Clinical Experience I (6 hrs)
    INED 3305: Students with Exceptionalities I (2 hrs)
    INED 4435: Teaching English Learners I (1 hr)

    Spring Semester
    ENED 4416: Teaching ELA II (3 hrs)
    ENED 4660: Yearlong Clinical Experience II (6 hrs)
    INED 3306: Students with Exceptionalities II (1 hr)
    INED 4436: Teaching English Language Learners II (2 hrs)

  • KSU Field Experiences Handbook (on CEPP website)

    All field experience forms for Supervisors, CTs, and students are administered through Chalk & Wire.

    CAPS and CAR forms (Word docs; for reference only)
    Lesson Plan Format for Formal Observations
    Observation Summary Form

  • You must petition to graduate during the semester before your graduation semester; this link provides more information.