About The Game Narrative Lab

  • How can video game narratives increase empathy? 

    About the Game Narrative Lab, People Talking

    The Game Narrative Lab is a research and development space based at Kennesaw State University that focuses on video game narratives and users' experiences.  This lab focuses on how game narratives can affect human behavior and communities.  
    • The Game Narrative Lab serves three main functions: resources, writing, and research. 

      About the Game Narrative Lab
      • Resources: The lab allows students to access a variety of games, platforms, and resources on game narrative design.  

      • Writing: This lab provides a space for students to create their own game narratives. As a group, members of this lab collaborate on the creation of an original game in a setting, not unlike those found in professional game studios. We focus on games that promote empathy and awareness of social issues.

      • Research: Through original video games created inside of the lab, we are trying to discover how we can leverage the unique power of game narratives to let us see the world from others’ perspectives to increase empathy, understanding, and equity in society. We analyze the potential for fictional worlds to positively impact social attitudes via the representation of characters who are discriminated against. Experiencing narratives from a character’s first-person point of view can promote positive, long-term impacts on society and can lead to increased empathy for minorities, disenfranchised groups, and even environmental causes
      • Dr. Victoria Lagrange, Director of the Game Narratives Lab

        Victoria Lagrange, Director

        Assistant Professor of Game Narrative at Kennesaw State University 

        Contact me at vlagrang@kennesaw.edu