Graduate Certificate in Professional Editing and Publishing


The Graduate Certificate in Professional Editing and Publishing (PEP) is offered through the Master of Arts in Professional Writing Program in the Department of English. A unique four-course, non-degree program, this certificate prepares students for entry into the competitive industry of professional editing and publishing through a combination of academic study and hands-on experience.

Through this certificate, students will be prepared for positions such as copy editors, developmental editors, editorial assistants, managing editors, and freelance editors, as well as related careers in marketing, sales, and design within the publication industry. Additionally, they will be prepared to organize or join effective editing workflows in multiple media production environments, including print and digital publication venues. Students will also gain an excellent grasp of industry-level linguistic craft and intellectual property standards for American English contexts, as well as an appreciation for how these standards differ in other global contexts.

Upon completion of this certificate, students will be prepared to edit works across a range of genres, content domains, and media, as well as adjust their editorial approaches accordingly. The certificate will also benefit students interested in navigating publishing industries as authors and editing their own work more effectively.

For more information on the admissions requirements and courses, please visit the Kennesaw State Graduate Catalog.

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