Welcome New Faculty

image GarciaDr. Macario Garcia is our Assistant Professor of Anthropology. They’re a cultural anthropologist with a focus on mobility, animacy, incarceration, and prison-industrial complex abolition. They earned their PhD from the University of Virginia and MA degrees from University of Virginia and American Public University. They are currently partnering with incarcerated people to create maps of carceral migration in the United States and to document oral histories across correctional landscapes. They teach Introduction to Anthropology and Cultural Anthropology, and they are developing new anthropology electives as well.

image HaughtalabDr. Nafiseh Haghtalab is our Limited Term Assistant Professor of Geography. She’s a physical geographer interested in land-atmosphere interactions. She teaches physical geography courses including Weather and Climate, GIS, Cartography, and Resources, Society, and the Environment. She received her Ph.D. in Geography, Environment, and Spatial Sciences from Michigan State University. Her research focuses on the effects of human-induced changes in the natural environment on the atmospheric cycles and climate change. She is also interested in food security to understand the extent to which changes in natural processes can influence food security, especially in lower-income communities.

hall imageDr. Shannon Hall is our new Lecturer of Geography. She has a B.S. in Geography from the University of Maryland Baltimore County, an M.S. in Geography from the University of Georgia, and a Ph.D. in Geography and Environmental Sustainability from the University of Oklahoma. She is a broadly trained Geographer with a concentration in physical geography, weather and climate, and conservation. Dr. Hall has 20 years or teaching experience at 2-year and 4-year institutions, and has taught courses in physical geography, regional geography, and techniques. At KSU, Dr. Hall teaches courses in Physical Geography, Environment, Society, and Resources, and GIS. Her research is focused on vegetation dynamics and tree response to climate change.

image kangDr. Ranbir Kang is a physical geographer who specializes in different aspects of river science and GIScience applications. He obtained his Ph.D. from Oklahoma State University.  Before moving to Kennesaw State University, he taught at Oklahoma State University, George Washington University, and Western Illinois University. His projects focus on urban hydrology, 3d modeling of riverscapes, river response to human activities, stream bank erosion, watershed dynamics, terrestrial LiDAR applications, alluvial channels, effects of dams, field experiments, and bio-geomorphology. 

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