Study Abroad



Study HIST 3520 through UGA

HIST 3520 - Decolonization in Africa

The course examines decolonization in Africa, particularly the dissolution of the European Empires. Beginning with the post-WWII movement, it explores multiple factors, such as nationalism, the role of the U.N. and the U.S., and postcolonial states, to understand the transition from a world of empire to one of nation-states.

Program Dates: May 14 - June 1, 2023

Application Deadline: November 4, 2022

FRANCE (History)


Study HIST in Paris through UGA

The UGA à Paris study abroad program focuses upon the economy, politics, culture, and history of France and Western Europe

Program Dates: May 17 - June 24, 2023

Application Deadline: February 15, 2023


Study HIST in Paris through the USG Goes Global

HIST - Survey of US History with a French Twist

Program Dates: June - July 2023

Application Deadline: TBD

FRANCE (Philosophy)


Study PHIL in Paris through Georgia College

PHIL 2010 - Survey of Philosophy

PHIL 4100 - The Good Life

PHIL 4950 - Feminism, Gender and Culture: France

Program Dates: Summer 2023

Application Deadline: March 1, 2023



Study HIST 4950 through Georgia College

HIST 4950 - Exploring Mediterranean History and Culture through Foodways  

Program Dates: May 19 - June 10, 2023

Application Deadline: January 20, 2023



Study HIST through USG Goes Global

HIST 2111 - Rebels, Kings and Witches: US and Scotland Before 1865

HIST 3XXX - From Witch Burning to Body Snatching: The Transformation of Scotland, 1550-1850

Program Dates: May 20 - June 2, 2023

                               June 3 - June 16, 2023

Application Deadline: TBD