Faculty Resources

Faculty Forms
These forms are for History and Philosophy faculty only.

Department Governance

College Wide Resources

RCHSS Forms and Procedures

Information on funding, evaluations & reviews, teaching, faculty searches, professional development, forms etc..

RCHSS Faculty Development

Information for new faculty, faculty teaching resources, faculty development, student success workshops, Mauscript Completion Program, Administrative Fellows program, Faculty Research Network.

RCHSS Awards

Guidelines for the 8 different faculty awards. Early Career, Distinguished Professor, Diversity Advocate, Oustanding Engagment, Oustanding Professional Service, Research and Creativity, Teaching, Distinguished Teaching.

Digital Signage

Get your ad posted on the screens in the Social Science Building and across campus. Please click on the link above to check out the policies, procedures and template for Digital Signage. Submit an ad to and/or request assitance in ad or flyer creation from your department admin.

RCHSS Structure & Governance

Information on Shared Governance, RCHSS Bylaws, RCHSS Organizational Structure, RCHSS Committee Websites, RCHSS Strategy Goals & Commitments.

RCHSS Grants and Contracts

Information on the RCHSS Faculty Summer Research Grant and previous winners.

RCHSS Travel Resources

Information and training for Conucr, travel forms & documents, car rental, per Diem, travel regulations, and faculty candidate travel.