B.A. in History

Study the past for a versatile future.

The program of study in history offers a Bachelor of Arts degree. All majors complete several major requirements which provide needed background in research and writing in the theory of the discipline and in the various fields of history. Students must also complete a capstone experience including two research seminars. Students needing a writing sample or other credential for career advancement or graduate study can complete a Senior Thesis.

A degree in history is useful to students interested in careers involving critical thinking, research and oral and written communication. It serves as a prerequisite for graduate study in a number of fields including history, education, law, theology and many other disciplines. A degree in history prepares students for any and every career including business and finance, government service, law, management, politics, journalism, non-profits, journalism and much more.

For more information on specific classes, see our History degree information in the KSU Undergraduate Catalog.

Interested in pursuing a Master's degree at KSU? Consider one of the Double Owl pathways matched with your history degree to complete your education faster.

B.A. in History / M.S. in Conflict Management
B.A. in History / M.S. in Cybersecurity
B.A. in History / M.A. in Professional Writing
B.A. in History / M.A. American Studies
B.A. in History / M.P.A. in Public Administration

History Course Projections Fall 2019 - Spring 2024