B.A. in History

Study the past for a versatile future.

The KSU History degree prepares you for careers involving critical thinking, research, and oral and written communication. The history degree also serves as a prerequisite for graduate study in several fields, including history, education, law, theology, and many other social science disciplines.

History majors acquire relevant skills such as research and writing, while being exposed to the theories of the discipline and the various fields of history. Students will work with faculty experts to complete a capstone experience including two research seminars or complete a Senior Thesis to develop a writing sample for career advancement or graduate study.

A degree in history prepares students for careers in government, the international arena, law, theology, business, journalism, education, research, non-profit work, and graduate study.

Learn Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills

Critical thinking and analytical skills are necessary for most jobs today.  In the History degree program, you will learn process and synthesize information, analyze situations and arguments, and logically assess issues and problems. These skills will prepare you to solve complex challenges creatively.

For more information on specific classes, see our History degree information in the KSU Undergraduate Catalog and an example four year program map.

Double Your Major!

Double major consists of two separate majors in the same baccalaureate degree (for example, Bachelor of Arts with separate majors in History and International Affairs). One diploma will be issued for the degree.

Students are eligible for a double major when the following conditions are met:

  • All of the requirements for two KSU majors are satisfied, including all residency and institutional requirements for each major; and
  • KSU courses taken to meet residency and institutional requirements of one major may be counted toward the residency and institutional requirements for the second major; and
  • The second major must be completed at the time of graduation with the first major.

Whether in one degree or two, students may not graduate with more than two majors. 


History Course Projections Fall 2024 - Spring 2026


Interested in pursuing a Master's degree at KSU?

Consider one of the Double Owl pathways matched with your history degree to complete your education faster.

B.A. in History / M.B.A in Business Administration
B.A. in History / M.S. in Conflict Management
B.A. in History / M.S. in Cybersecurity
B.A. in History / M.A. in Professional Writing
B.A. in History / M.A. in American Studies
B.A. in History / M.A. in Art & Design, Museum Studies
B.A. in History / M.P.A. in Public Administration