Create Your Future in Digital & Social Media    

The Graduate Certificate in Digital & Social Media at Kennesaw State University prepares students for in-demand careers in media and strategic communication.

Students gain hands-on experience in planning, writing and producing digital and social media content.

This innovative 100% online program provides flexibility for students looking to:

  • Become a social media strategist.
  • Become a social media entrepreneur or influencer.
  • Create multimedia content that gets results.
  • Complete the certificate program in one semester!

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  • The Graduate Certificate in Digital and Social Media is a 100% online, asynchronous program, designed to meet the needs of students seeking advancement, career changes, or those wanting to expand their knowledge by entering a new career field.

  • The Graduate Certificate in Digital and Social Media is a 12-credit hour, four course program.

    Courses are open to all graduate students and can be used to fulfilll elective credit in other graduate programs.  Please see your academic advisor for details.

    Classes are offered in seven-week sessions in fall and spring semesters. Two 7-week sessions are offered per semester.

    Spring 2024 Course Offerings

    Become a Content Creator

    COM 6900: Digital and Social Media Content Strategy

    Learn to plan, write, and manage social media content for multiple social media platforms.  Students will develop a social media audit, social media “listening” report, content calendar, strategic plan, and ready-to-use content for a client or for their own professional social media presence.  

    Become a Social Media Entrepreneur

    COM 6490:  Social Media Entrepreneurship 

    This course explores the principles of social media entrepreneurship through a study of the evolution of professional branding and influencers on social media; integration of social media business management functions; and analysis of best social media marketing strategies. Students will study strategies for planning and managing professional branding and influencer ventures using digital social platforms. Key areas of focus include brand development; content strategy; audience engagement; digital marketing; and ethical business practices. Through critical analysis and practical applications, students will learn to leverage social media to build ethical and sustainable brands.  

    Become a Digital Designer

    COM 6410: Digital Publication Design

    This course explores the nature and role of digital and print design through a study of visual communication theory; historical development of design; use of color, photography, and graphics; and the use of various graphic design software applications. Students learn to exercise control over messages through coordination of text, images, and strategic design while creating a portfolio of work acceptable for communication to internal and external organizational audiences.

    Become an Audio Storyteller

    COM 6490: Strategic Podcasting

    This course focuses on producing, writing, and storytelling for audio podcasts. Students learn about recording hardware, software, and production skills in order to produce content and create compelling podcasts. The course surveys trends in the audio industry, including traditional broadcast, digital, and satellite radio, as well as podcasting and audio content streaming.

    To register, please see the Kennesaw State Schedule of Classes.

    For more information on curriculum, please visit the Kennesaw State Graduate Catalog.

  • Affordable Colleges Online Rankings has ranked DSM Best Online Communication Programs (38th nationally). As a newer program we are very proud of this ranking and hope to continue in the coming years.

    • Completed online graduate application
    • Official transcripts
    • Personal statement
    • TOEFL required for those without a degree from an English-speaking instituition
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Affordable Colleges Online Rankings has ranked DSM Best Online Communication Programs.


Affordable Colleges Online Rankings has ranked DSM Best Online Communication Programs.