2010 HSS Faculty and Staff Awards Results


KENNESAW, Ga. (Apr 13, 2010) — On Monday, April 12, at 12:00 in the Social Sciences Auditorium, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences held its annual Faculty and Staff Awards Ceremony.

The ceremony ended with recognition of three retirees:

  • Dr. Howard Shealy, Chair of History and Philosophy, Professor of History
  • Becky Ramsay, Administrative Associate I, English
  • Donna Walls, Administrative Coordinator, Sociology & Criminal Justice


The nominees for and the recipients of the various awards are listed below.


Distinguished Professional Service

Award Winner:

  • Dr. Patrick J. Devine, Professor of Psychology


Distinguished Scholarship

Award Winner:

  • Dr. Maureen McCarthy, Professor of Psychology


Distinguished Teaching Award

HSS Winner / Finalist for the University Award:

  • Dr. Amy Buddie, Associate Professor of Psychology
  • Dr. Barbara S. Gainey, Associate Professor of Communication and Public Relations
  • Dr. David King, Associate Professor of English and Film Studies
  • Dr. Vanessa Slinger-Friedman, Assistant Professor of Geography


KSU Foundation Prize

HSS Finalists/Nominees for the University Award:

  • Dr. Keith M. Botelho, Assistant Professor of English Renaissance Earwitnesses: Rumor and Early Modern Masculinity (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, December 22, 2009)
  • Dr. LeeAnn Lands, Associate Professor of History and American Studies The Culture of Property: Race, Class and Housing Landscapes in Atlanta, 1880-1950 (University of Georgia Press, 2009)
  • Dr. John P. Moran, Associate Professor of Political Science The Solution of the Fist: Dostoevsky and the Roots of Modern Terrorism (Lexington Books, December 2009)
  • Dr. Joshua Azriel, Assistant Professor of Communication “Social Networking as a Communication Weapon to Harm Victims: Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter Demonstrate a Need to Amend Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act” in the John Marshall Journal of Computer and Information Law (Vol 24, #3)
  • Dr. Keith M. Botelho, Assistant Professor of English Renaissance Earwitnesses: Rumor and Early Modern Masculinity (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, December 22, 2009)
  •  Dr. Maia Carter Hallward, Assistant Professor of Political Science Situating the “Secular”: Negotiating the Boundary between Religion and Politics. International Political Sociology (2008) 2, 1-16 Dr. Robert Simon, Assistant Professor of Spanish Understanding the Portugues Poet Joaquim Pessoa 1942-2007: A Study in Iberian Cultural Hybridity. New York: The Edwin Mellen Press, 2008
  • Dr. Jun Tu, Assistant Professor of Geography and Anthropology “Tu, J., Xia, Z., 2008. Examining Spatially Varying Relationships between Land Use and Water Quality using Geographically Weighted Regression I: Model Design and Evaluation. Science of the Total Environment, 407, 358-378”


Distinguished Staff Member

Award Winner:

  • Ms. Candace Doughty, Business Manager, CHSS Dean’s Office
  • Ms. Lori Buechling, Administrative Specialist II, Psychology
  • Mr. Kevin Griffin, Lead Technical Support Specialist
  • Ms. Nancy Hill, Administrative Associate I, History & Philosophy
  • Ms. Janice Malone, Administrative Associate I, Sociology and Criminal Justice
  • Ms. Janet McGovern, Administrative Associate I, Cultural and Regional Studies
  • Ms. Marsha Powell, Administrative Associate I, Foreign Languages
  • Ms. Rose Proctor, Office Manger, CHSS Dean’s Office


Faculty Awards Committee

  • Dr. Charles Aust, Professor of Communication
  • Dr. Linda Johnston, Director of Masters of Science in Conflict Management and Director of the Center for Conflict Management
  • Dr. Darina Lepadatu, Assistant Professor of Sociology
  • Dr. Lynn Patterson, Assistant Professor of Geography and Anthropology
  • Dr. Jim Piecuch, Assistant Professor of History
  • Dr. Federica Santini, Assistant Professor of Italian
  • Dr. Jun Tu, Assistant Professor Geography and Anthropology
  • Dr. Craig Watson, Assistant Professor of English
  • Dr. Jennifer Willard, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Staff Awards Committee
  • Ms. Aisha Jackson, Administrative Associate II
  • Dr. Thierry Léger, Associate Dean Humanities and Social Sciences and Associate Professor of French
  • Dr. Chien-Pin Li, Chair of Political Science and International Affairs and Professor of Political Science
  • Ms. Marsha Powell, Administrative Assistant II