2010 KSU Student Research Symposium Poster Winners


KENNESAW, Ga. (Apr 28, 2010) — The winners in the first annual competition for best geography, anthropology and GISc poster at the 15th annual KSU Student Research Symposium are:

Anthropology Program:
Winner: Davita Shin, "Patterns of Accelerants on Bone", sponsored by Dr. Susan Kirkpatrick Smith.

Geography Program:
Winner: Jenni Lee, Mary Stonebridge and Phillip Oliver, "Soil Composition of Decker’s Creek, West Virginia: An Indicator of Acid Mine Drainage?", sponsored by Dr. Nancy Hoalst-Pullen

GISc Program:
Winner: Makiko Shukunobe, "Impact of Land Use on Water Quality in Selected Watersheds in North Georgia", sponsored by Dr. Jun Tu.

The competition is sponsored by the Department of Geography and Anthropology Advisory Board. Congratuations to all the student winners and faculty sponsors!