8th Annual Owl Classic Tournament-Another Successful One


KENNESAW, Ga. (Oct 17, 2017) — On Saturday, October 14, 14 teams from four states competed at John Marshall Law School, including two teams from Elizabeth Gordon's  POLS 4466 class. One of the KSU teams came in first place, and three students from this class won individual awards: Mike Peters as a witness, Kaytlan Anderson as an attorney, and Trey Hollins as both a witness (prosecution) and attorney (defense).  Veteran team members helped Dr. Gordon plan and run the tournament, in addition to a fantastic tournament coordinator Mary Loudermilk,  who is a KSU alumna.  Also there were KSU alumni (now lawyers and law students) among the judges.

Interest in mock trial is running high as the class ends, and Dr. Gordon is currently forming two competitive teams for this season. In November, KSU will compete in three invitational tournaments, at Coastal Carolina, Middle Tennessee State, and Stetson.