A Community-Engagement and Post-Graduation Success Story


KENNESAW, Ga. (Aug 5, 2013) — A recent KSU sociology graduate, Liam Harby, has accepted the position of Director of the DeKalb County Drug Court. Liam is now overseeing a Drug Court which runs what has been described by the Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice as one of the “nation’s best” substantive abuse diversion programs. Liam's rise to Director of the DeKalb County drug court stems from his internship in 2007 during which he helped his faculty mentor, Dr. Miriam Boeri, to pioneer the Social Recovery Initiative (SRI). The SRI brought social capital theory insights into the drug court program by introducing drug court participants to a wide range of social activities. The initiative is growing in popularity among drug court staff as well as among participants. The success of the SRI initiative (funded initially by CHSS/Burruss internal grant, as a pilot project) is also evidenced by the fact that the DeKalb County Drug Court has now hired a full time SRI coordinator.