AT&T Awards $47,500 Grant to fund Digital Media Lab


KENNESAW, Ga. (Dec 16, 2008) — This past Friday, the AT&T Foundation awarded a $47,500 grant to Kennesaw State University to support the Department of Communication Digital Media Lab. The grant will enable to Digital Media Lab to purchase equipment vital for teaching students who are taking classes in journalism and citizen media. This in turn will support an array of activities as students prepare for careers in production and explore a wide range of crew and talent positions.

"This is really going to expand the amount of time my students get to spend with the equipment," said Jake McNeil, a Lecturer of Media Studies. "We look forward to finally allowing multi-camera projects and the option of shooting in HD."

This grant will support the Bachelor of Science in Communications at Kennesaw State and its newest concentration, Journalism and Citizen Media. This new curriculum includes both traditional journalism, as well as the theories around civic, citizen and community journalism, especially as it relates to media outreach by community organizations, schools and faith based groups to the media. Use of the digital media lab will enabled advanced students to master the sophisticated equipment commonly used in a media career in video, whether on-camera or in production.