Baran Bingol, INCM Graduate December 2016, Publishes First Article in Prestigious Journal of Ileti-s-im, Turkish Journal


KENNESAW, Ga. (Sep 12, 2016) — Baran Bingol, upcoming INCM Graduate this December 2016, just published his first article in the Turkish press. The issue is a  special volume representing a rare collaboration between prominent French, German and Turkish scholars in the field of Management.

Conflict management has become a key factor for mergers and acquisitions in contemporary global economy. Although firms may do well in general in terms of financial due diligence, the human factor in mergers still remain as a primary source of conflict, impacting firms at all levels significantly. Following an extensive review of the literature and previous research, this paper unfolds a series of relevant theories that deal with the sources, course and outcomes of the conflict at organizational settings during mergers and acquisitions. Through the use of comparative method with a small-N sample and secondary data for triangulation, this study describes a preliminary typology for successful or failed mergers notably focusing on industry-specific causes and outcomes of the conflict, and potential strategies to be developed by firms’ management. While industry-specific complexity, incompatible business culture and interests, unpreparedness and lack of planning and prior competition between firms have explanatory power over the failure of investigated firms notably playing a role in the organizational integration and cohesion between parties; compatible mutual interests, well-prepared organizational integration processes and synergy-creating [mostly vertical] business models that represent strategic and effective HRM and management practices appear to be more successful.

Key Words: mergers and acquisitions, conflict management, human diligence, industry



Bingol, B (2016 - in press) “Conflict Management Strategies in Mergers and Acquisitions: A Comparative Case Study of Industry-Specific Human Diligence”, Journal of Ileti-s-im (ISSN 1305-2411), Special Edition “Management and Communication”, ed. Jale Minibas-Poussard and Banu Karsak