Building the Foundation: An Interview with Dr. Heeman Kim


KENNESAW, Ga. (Nov 6, 2014) — By Jocelyn Weiss, SAUPO Support Writer ATLANTA, GA, USA –

Communication professor and Asian Studies scholar, Heeman Kim has been a dedicated supporter of Dr. May Gao and her initiative for a multifaceted conference since the very beginning. He has provided support and encouragement in response to her dream of a symposium that emphasized academic research and business opportunities with a specific focus on Asian and USA partnerships.

Dr. Kim was born and raised in South Korea, where he attended the University of Incheon, from which he earned his B.S. in Mathematics. He then ventured to the USA, where he pursued his M.A. in Media Studies at Northern Illinois University, after which, he attended Temple University, where he earned his Ph. D. in Mass Media and Communication. Dr. Kim used all the information he learned from these different fields of study to shape and create his own area of professional expertise, eventually using these skills to become a professor. Throughout his education and time as a college professor, Dr. Kim has been fascinated with cross-cultural communication experiences, particularly that of Asia and the USA. He has conducted a plethora of research on this topic, particularly from the perspective of electronic media and the incorporation of social media into corporate marketing, public relations, and customer service procedures.

His research interests and personal experiences as a multicultural Asian man living in America drew him to the idea of a conference exemplary of Asia and USA correspondence with views from the realms of both academia and business. Dr. Kim’s years of hard work and dedication has resulted in his recent promotion to the position of Executive Vice President of the SAUPO planning Committee. Chair and Founder, Dr. Gao, has relied upon Dr. Kim as a loyal confidante, one who has supported her and the SAUPO conference through times of difficulty and feats of success. As a well-educated and knowledgeable Korean, he has brought an air of authenticity to the Korean aspect of the conference. He has helped the SAUPO committee develop beneficial networks and contacts in the Korean community, as well as, important political and government figures from South Korea. Undoubtedly, Dr. Kim is a vital part of the SAUPO planning committee. When asked “why do you think the SAUPO conference is worth the time and dedication that you have invested?” Dr. Kim said “This conference is important for Asia–USA research, business, academics and most notably, students and the enrichment of Asian Studies in the American University”.