CETL Research & Creative Activity grant awarded to Dr. Evelina Sterling and Dr. Linda Treiber


KENNESAW, Ga. (Dec 14, 2015) — Drs. Evelina Sterling and Linda Treiber just received an Incentive Funding for Research and Creative Activity grant from CETL. The purpose of this grant is to support the development and implementation of innovative research that demonstrates KSU's commitment to scholarship, and results of the project must be disseminated through publication or presentation. Drs. Sterling and Treiber's research project is entitled "The 'Good' Kind of Cancer: Being Diagnosed with Early Stage or Curable Cancer." A clear-cut division between cancer survivors and the terminally ill is often made; however, a middle stage exists. Many cancers are managed or cured without complicated treatments. Commonly, non-life-threatening cancers are labeled “good cancers.” Little is known about this sub-group and the long-term implications of living with a cancer diagnosis that does not fit within the typical cancer experience. We propose to analyze data collected through interviewing 30 patients who have been diagnosed with early stage or curable cancer. As medicine shifts from evidence-based to personalization, more detailed data are needed to develop effective and appropriate interventions, education, and support.