CHSS Faculty and Staff Award Winners and Nominees


KENNESAW, Ga. (Apr 24, 2017)We are proud to congratulate this year's College of Humanities and Social Science Faculty and Staff Nominees and Award winners. We are proud of each of these nominees and winners because their hard work and dedication to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences are what pushes us forward in research, teaching and service!


Award Winners:

"Above the Call" Student Assistant Award Winner
Zachary McAbee - Office of the Dean

Excellence in Customer Service Award Winner
Shari Sheridan - Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice

Outstanding Team Member Award Winner
Tiffani Reardon - Office of the Dean 

Outstanding Diversity Advocate Award Winner
Laura Davis - Department of English

Outstanding Engagement Award Winner
May Gao - Interdisciplinary Studies Department and School of Communication and Media

Outstanding Teaching Award Winner
Kristen Heflin - School of Communication and Media

Outstanding Research and Creative Activity Award Winner
Maia Hallward - School of Conflict Management, Peacebuilding and Development 

Outstanding Professional Service Award Winner
Andrew Pieper - Department of Political Science and International Afairs

Distinguished Part-Time Teaching Award Winner
Mandy McGrew - Interdisciplinary Studies Department

Distinguished Part-Time Teaching Award Winner
Allison Garefino - Department of Psychology 

Distinguished Early Career Award Winner
Tanja Link - Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice

Distinguished Professor Award Winner
David Jones - Department of History and Philosophy 


Staff and Student Nominees:

Cheyenne Ashley, ISD
Lori Buechling, Psyc
Nina Burnette, FL
Melissa Castelbuono, Dean's Office
Linda Caudell, PSIA
Ashlee Clark, Dean's Office
Nicole Densmore, INCM
Molley Dimaya, FL
Patrick Ehui, FL
Sarrah Houghton, Dean's Office
Ellen Lahtinen, CCM
Zachary McAbee, Dean's Office
Marsha Powell, FL
Tiffani Reardon, Dean's Office
Daeshia Rogers, SCJ
Shari Sheridan, SCJ
Katheryn Siggelko, SCJ


Faculty Nominees:

Yumin Ao, FL
Laura Davis, ENGL/ISD
Michelle Devereaux, ENGL
Amy Donahue, HIST-PHIL
Roxanne Donovan, PSYC/ISD
Allison Garefino, PSYC
Michelle Goodsite, ENGL
Maia Hallward, SCMPD
Kristen Heflin, SOCM
Elizabeth Hetzel, ENGL
Ivy Holliman Way, HIST-PHIL
David Jones, HIST-PHIL
Grace Ko, FL
Farooq Kperogi, SOCM
Jeongyi Lee, FL
Tanja Link, SCJ
Mandy McGrew, ISD
Robert Montgomery, ENGL
James Piecuch, HIST-PHIL
Andrew Peiper, PSIA
Terry Powis, GEO-ANTH
Susan Raines, SCMPD
Ernesto Silva, ISD
Erin Sledd, ENGL
Andrew Whitehead, HIST-PHIL
Yvonne Wichman, ENGL
Jennifer Willard, PSYC


Congratulations to all of our CHSS faculty and staff nominees and award winners!