CHSS Faculty work hard to save students $185,908.60 per year in textbook costs


KENNESAW, Ga. (Feb 27, 2018) — Round 11 of the Textbook Transformation Grants from the USG included three winning proposals from the KSU College of Humanities and Social Sciences that will save students in CHSS courses $185,908.60 per year.

The Geography and Anthropology Department received $30,000 to put course materials for GEOG 1101 and 1102 online and save students $36,785.10 per year. The faculty behind this project are Ms. Uli Ingram, Dr. Jason Rhodes, and Dr. Vanessa Slinger-Friedman. Ms. Tiffani Reardon is serving as the instructional designer on this project.

The School of Communication and Media received $27,300 to put course materials for COM 2020 online and save students $87,248.50 per year. The faculty behind this project are Ms. Lindsey Hand, Dr. Erin Ryan, and Ms. Karen Sichler.

The English Department and the Technical Communication and Instructional Design Department received a $4800 mini grant to revise and update the product of a previous grant. So far, this open textbook, Sexy Technical Communication, has saved students an estimated $61,875 per year in WRIT 3140 and TCOM 2010. The faculty behind this project are Ms. Tiffani Reardon and Dr. Tamara Powell, with Ms. Jennifer Nguyen serving as student support.

Also from CHSS, the following faculty have been awarded Affordable Learning Georgia Textbook Transformation grants:

Round 1:

AADS 1102 - Seneca Vaught, Griselda Thomas, Nikki Hill


Round 3:

ASIA 1102 - Ginny Zhan, May Gao, Yumin Ao

WRIT 3140 and TCOM 2010 - Tammy Powell, Jonathan Arnett, Monique Logan, Cassandra Race, Tiffani Reardon

SOCI 1101 - Daniel Farr, Tiffani Reardon


Round 4:

PSYC 2000, PSYC 2300, and PSYC 3301 - Sharon Pearcey, Christopher Randall, Jen Willard, Beth Kirsner, Adrienne Williamson, Tricia Mahaffey


Round 9:

SOCI 2251 - Evelina Sterling, Daniel Farr

ENGL 1101 and ENGL 1102 - Tiffani Reardon, Patrice Brown, Amelia Lewis, Bridget Doss, Laura Howard


Round 10:

CRJU 1101 - Daniel Farr, Angela Nava