COM PR students graduating in Spring 2016 can petition to graduate with a Public Relations degree


KENNESAW, Ga. (Aug 12, 2015) — Students who were accepted into the COM major before August 2015 have a choice to petition to graduate in spring 2016 in Communication (with a PR concentration) OR petition to graduate in Public Relations. These students have a small window in which to change from COM to PR major for graduation purposes. These students must contact their faculty advisor by Nov. 30 (email is sufficient) to request that their catalog year be changed to 2016 (allowing them to graduate with a PR major). Changing catalog year may mean that minimal course substitutions be submitted by the faculty advisor to be approved by the assistant chair. Examples of course substitutions that may be needed include substituting COM 1109 for COM 2020 and substituting COM 2205 for COM 2230. COM 4460 Crisis Communication may not have been a required course in an earlier catalog, requiring an additional course substitution for a few students.

This is a one-time change for those graduating in the spring. These students must decide if they want to graduate with a Communication degree or Public Relations degree. All course substitutions required by the change to a 2016 catalog year must be completed by the School before the end of drop/add, Jan 11-18. After that, no degree changes will be permitted for spring graduates.