Congratulations to the Winners of the Eighth Undergraduate Creative Writing Awards!


KENNESAW, Ga. (Apr 21, 2016) — Congratulations to all of our winners:


1st Place - "I Still Don't Know Why He Left" by Kandace James

2nd Place - "Lost on a Movie Set, Looking for the Trompe L'oeil" by Madison Tompkins

3rd Place - "She Never Said It Back" by Kandace James


1st Place - "Jimi Hendrix Jr. and the Computer Lesson" by Caleb Bouchard

2nd Place - "Ask for Seconds" by V. Keenan Eugenio

3rd Place - "The Skirt" by Chelsea Ferrell


1st Place - "The White in Their Eyes" by V. Keenan Eugenio

2nd Place - "Fireflies, Fish Fry, and a Family Reunion" by Kandace James

3rd Place - "When a Brave-Heart Meets a Sweet-Heart" by Mustafa Abubaker