Dean Dorff Offers Keynote Address at "National Counterterrorism Strategies in Africa" workshop


KENNESAW, Ga. (Aug 24, 2017) — Our fearless leader, Dean Dorff, giving his Keynote Address on "Principles of Strategy" in Kampala, Uganda where the Africa Center for Strategic Studies (ACSS) is conducting a 5-day workshop on "National Counterterrorism Strategies in Africa." The ACSS is one of the US Defense Department's Regional Security/Strategic Studies Centers. There are roughly 50 participants who are leaders drawn from 15 African countries, the African Union, and the US and France.

His Keynote Address set the opening framework for looking at strategy formulation and implementation. He is also serving as a co-facilitator for one of the three break-out groups (16 participants from various countries) where quite a bit of the conversation across countries and among participants occurs. Participants are drawn from various agencies within countries, but all are in influential, leadership roles. They are variously from military, political, judicial/legal, law enforcement, think tanks, and civil society organizations to name a few.

A one-day post-workshop session with selected attendees will focus on developing a "tool kit" the ACSS intends to build and disseminate through its network of past participants and future programs.