Dr. Adebayo inducted as a Fellow of the Nigerian Academy of Letters


KENNESAW, Ga. (Aug 19, 2016) — We are proud to announce that Dr. Akanmu Adebayo, Professor of History at Kennesaw State University, was inducted as a Fellow of the Nigerian Academy of Letters on August 11, 2016. The ceremony took place at the University of Lagos in Nigeria.

A native son of Nigeria, Akanmu Adebayo, professor of history, returned to his homeland this month to receive two honors recognizing his accomplishments and contributions as a scholar of African economic history and conflict management and analysis.

During an international conference organized at the University of Ibadan in his honor, Adebayo was cited as a “foremost scholar whose works have over the years reflected the increasingly important need to understand the African experience in its interlocking dimensions.” The three-day conference, titled “Africa Since Independence: Promise, Pugnacity and Failure in Postcolonial Contexts,” featured a special plenary on Adebayo’s scholarly work.

On August 11, Adebayo also was inducted as an Overseas Fellow of the Nigerian Academy of Letters (NAL) during a ceremony at the University of Lagos. Admission into the Academy is a national award recognizing his scholarship on the past, present and future of Africa.

“I was surprised when colleagues and former students informed me of their plans to organize a conference in my honor and to highlight some of my important contributions to scholarship and African studies pedagogy,” said Adebayo. “It was humbling to have my peers celebrate my contributions in this way, picking a theme that encapsulates the highlights of my career.” 

You can view the the induction ceremony from the link below: