Dr. Brian Wills Publishes New Book, George Henry Thomas: As True As Steel


KENNESAW, Ga. (Mar 22, 2012) — Dr. Brian Wills, Professor of History and KSU Civil War Center Director, has recently published a new book. The book has already received a lot of praise from other Civil War authors.

"At long last, here is the definitive biography of George Henry Thomas. . . . An exciting, stirring, splendid achievement." --Emory M. Thomas, author of Robert E. Lee

"A superbly crafted ‘inside’ story of an outstanding American and a true hero in overcoming his life’s many political adversities." --Wiley Sword, author of The Confederacy’s Last

"Hurrah This is Wills at his best. . . . A major contribution to our understanding of Northern victory in the western theater." --Larry J. Daniel, author of The Days of Glory


Congratulations Professor Wills!!!