Dr. Christopher Totten acknowledges research assistance of Ms. Tara Tripp, current MSCJ student, in a recently published article


KENNESAW, Ga. (Oct 8, 2012) — Dr. Christopher Totten recently published an article in the Criminal Law Bulletin (Volume 48, Issue 5). This refereed journal currently ranks second (2nd) among peer edited journals in the United States in the field of criminal law and procedure. Ms. Tara Tripp, a current Master of Science in Criminal Justice ("MSCJ") Program student in the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice, provided Dr. Totten with research assistance in the preparation of this article. Tara was a MSCJ Graduate Research Assistant ("GRA") for Dr. Totten during the Spring of 2012 when she provided the research assistance. The article is entitled "What Safford Giveth, Florence Taketh: Strip Searches and the Fourth Amendment."