Dr. Debarati Sen Awarded R.O.H. Social Justice Award by KSU


KENNESAW, Ga. (Jun 21, 2017)

Congratulations to Dr. Debarati Sen on receiving the R.O.H. Social Justice Award from KSU! 

Please take a moment to view the following video interview with Dr. Sen, which discusses her work and the R.O.H Social Justice Award:

The video is also available on our department's Facebook page: 

Dr. Sen serves as a faculty member of the Department of Geography and Anthropology as well as the International Conflict Management Ph.D. program.

Dr. Sen’s experiences of being raised in India’s caste system has influenced her philosophies around education and learning. As a result, Dr. Sen has developed a teaching philosophy that engages issues of social and cultural difference through disciplinary vantage points and works to develop relationships in trust with her students. Her teaching philosophy has long-term effects because students are persuaded to consider perspectives outside of their own.

Dr. Sen joined the staff of KSU in 2011. In that time, Dr. Sen, who sits on the national board of the American Association for University Women, has been recognized as an outstanding faculty honoree in KSU’s Geography & Anthropology department twice.

The R.O.H. Social Justice Award has been named to honor the pioneering contributions toward racial and ethnic social justice by former KSU faculty members: Dr. Rosa Bobia, Dr. Oral Moses, and Dr. Harold Wingfield. The award is presented by the KSU Office of Diversity and Inclusion's Presidential Commission on Racial and Ethnic Dialogue, which works to shape appropriate plans, mechanisms, forums, and/or events for a continuing dialogue on issues of race and ethnicity at Kennesaw State University.
The R.O.H. Social Justice Award is one of several Presidential Diversity Awards that are awarded annually. Seven individuals, including Dr. Sen, received awards in April 2017.