Dr. Tanja Link and Shari Sheridan both received College awards!


KENNESAW, Ga. (Apr 20, 2017) — The SCJ Department is so proud of our recent CHSS Award recipients!

Shari Sheridan - Office Manager for SCJ, has been awarded the Excellence in Customer Service Award.

Dr. Tanja Link - Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, has been awarded the Distinguished Early Career Award.

Many of our students have worked with Ms. Sheridan on their career paths and had the "Momma Shari" speech which encouraged them to keep a notebook of career and grad school options. She often delays her lunch and leaves late to help students and faculty alike.

Tanja joined the faculty in fall of 2011 and is known for her passion for improving the lives of marginalized and at risk individuals by examining attitudes, behaviors and barriers from a Sociological and Criminological perspective. She has run the Netherlands/Germany study abroad program and was instrumental in bringing and ultimately co-teaching the first Inside Out class to KSU and the Cobb County Detention Center. This is just a few of her accomplishments.

Congratulations to both of you!