HSS Global Learning Grant Competition winners announced


KENNESAW, Ga. (Aug 28, 2008) — The College of Humanities and Social Sciences is proud to announce the recipients of the 2008-2009 Faculty Global Learning Grant Competition.

The competition was open to all full-time tenured and tenure track faculty members in the College. Project proposals had to demonstrate a clear relationship to the University’s Quality Enhancement Plan, "Global Learning for Engaged Citizenship" and had a maximum funding of $5,000 not including course release(s). The application and selection process was rigorous and competitive and Dean Vengroff would like to thank all those who competed.

The winners are listed below.

"Ben M’Sik: Creating Community in Casablanca"
Dr. Thierry Léger
Foreign Languages

"Global Race and Ethnicity Documentary Project"
Dr. Jesse Benjamin
Sociology and Criminal Justice

"Engaging Research, Researching how to Engage: A Joint Project on Human Rights, Citizenship, and Legal Activism in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict"
Dr. Maia Carter Hallward
Political Science and International Affairs

"Measuring the Impacts of Study Abroad on Global Learning for Engaged Citizenship"
Dr. Mark Patterson
Geography and Anthropology

"Examining Perceptions of Environment and Culture in Bolivia and Peru"
Dr. Nancy Hoalst Pullen
Geography and Anthropology
Dr. Ernesto Silva
Foreign Languages

"Analysis of Human Skeleton Remains from Two Late Bronze Age Chamber Tombs from the Athenian Agora Excavations in Athens, Greece"
Dr. Susan K. Smith
Geography and Anthropology

"Local Government Response to Immigration: The Case of Gainesville, Georgia"
Dr. William Baker
Political Science and International Affairs