ISD Unveils New Certificate in Diversity & Community Engagement


KENNESAW, Ga. (Sep 14, 2015) — The certificate will consist of 10 credit hours:

Required Courses:

√ ISD 2001: Introduction to Diversity and Social Justice (3 hours) √ISD 3398: Interdisciplinary Studies Internship (3 hours)
√ISD 3399: Colloquium (1 hour)

Elective Course (3 hours): The Elective course may be chosen from among ISD program prefixed course, but it must be approved by the chair of ISD.

At the chair’s discretion, a course from another department may be substituted. Students will be required to choose an elective course that will expand their knowledge of diversity and community advocacy.

Examples of course offerings in ISD programs that attend to these topics include (but are not limited to) the following:

AMST 3760 Advanced Studies in American Identities
AADS 3500 The Black Woman
ASIA 4457 South Asian Politics: A Comparative Perspective
GWST 3070 Gender and Social Justice
PAX 3780 Trends in Peace Studies