KSU's Model European Union Team enjoys History Making Win


KENNESAW, Ga. (Jan 13, 2016) — Kennesaw State University's brand-spanking new Model European Union team just returned from its first competition. The competition was held at the University of Antwerp and involved 20 teams from universities in the US and Europe. About 200 students participated in the four day event. Eight awards were given. We are very pleased to announce that KSU won one.

The award was given to Chris (Liam) Combs. This is a magnificent achievement. Liam is one of only two US-based students to win an award, and one of only four award winners not currently enrolled in a Masters-level program. As icing on the cake, the team was later informed by conference organizers that this is the first time in the 29 year history of the competition that an institution has won an award during its first competition. Please join us in congratulating Liam and the other members of KSU's new "award winning" Model EU team.