MAIGC Cohort 1 Summer International Experiences wrap-up


KENNESAW, Ga. (Jul 27, 2012) — Students in Cohort 1 of the M.A. in Integrated Global Communication (MAIGC) spread across the world to fulfill the requirements for their Summer International Experience (SIE) module. The KSU MAIGC Summer International Experience allows students to gain global communication skills hands on all over the world. Students chose one of four options for the SIE: Directed Study, Practicum, Study Abroad or Study Tour.

Destinations for Cohort 1 student include:

  • China: Tracy Barahona, Kate Bradley, Dane Hughes, Bukola Oshadare, JP Thompson, and Benson Tsai signed up for an Asian Council study abroad course sponsored by the USG. The three-week trip left in the middle of May and returned the first week in June.
  • Argentina: Madison Jordan went to Buenos Aires for a two-month practicum with Voluntario Global, a nonprofit organization.
  • Germany: Caitlyn Barron visited Kassel, Germany, in July to explore the role of photojournalism in experiencing dOCUMENTA(13). This is a directed study supervised by Birgit Wassmuth.
  • England: Lindsey Tulkoff investigated the preparations by the Metropolitan Police for the invasion of international tourists coming to London for the 2012 Summer Olympics. Barbara Gainey is the supervising faculty member for this directed study project.
  • Israel: Kate Bradley also accompanied a group of KSU political science students who are exploring the Israeli/Palestinian conflict upclose and personal. Kate was part of the China trip, but wanted to go to Israel on her own time to do research there.
  • USA: Darryn Persaud is examining the role religion plays in maintaining cultural values among Guyanese Americans.


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PDF: MAIGC Cohort 1 Summer International Experiences