One Day, Two Published Articles. Congrats Dr. Butcher!


KENNESAW, Ga. (Aug 24, 2017) — Dr. Charity Butcher recently published two articles, both released on the same day.

The first, "Civil War and Terrorism: A Call for Further Theory Building," published as part of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics (and to be printed in the Oxford Encyclopedia of Empirical International Relations Theory) is now available online.

The second was written with colleague Dr. Tavishi Bhasin and International Conflict Management PhD student, Deniz Bumustekin titled, "Ethnicity and confidence in government: the case of Turkish-minority relations" which is currently available online and will appear in the Journal of Turkish Studies. 

Way to go, Dr. Butcher, Dr. Bhasin, and Ms. Bumustekin! Thank you for your contributions to our School's ever-growing publications.