Post-election politics on display at Election 2008 Postmortem


KENNESAW, Ga. (Nov 10, 2008) — The 2008 Presidential election was on November 4th, but it was a standing room only crowd two days later at the Election 2008 Postmortem Roundtable Discussion at Kennesaw State University. Hosted by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, a panel of eight Kennesaw State professors discussed the campaigns and what the election results mean for the future of our great nation.

Moderated by Dean Richard Vengroff, the panelists were divided into two groups. The first group discussed the Election Campaign. This panel was made up of Jeff DeWitt, who talked about "Polls and the Election," Kerwin Swint, who dissected "The Campaigns," Leonard Witt, who described the "Blogosphere and the Election," and Jennifer Wade-Berg, who explored "Diversity and the Vote". The second group discussed the Implications of the Election. This panel was made up of Elizabeth Gordon, who examined the "Future of the Supreme Court," Govind Hariharan, who explained the "Impact on the Economy," David Shock, who analyzed "The Election in Georgia," and Michele Zebich-Knos, who illustrated "The future of Foreign Policy".

After each panel group spoke, the audience was encouraged to ask questions and probe the panelists on specific points from their presentations. This proved to be both entertaining and informative for everyone involved. A comment made by Dr. DeWitt early in the discussion that "If 1992 was, it's the economy stupid, then 2008 was, it's really the economy stupid" proved to be true as many questions were aimed at the election's impact on the economy and vice versa.

Dean Vengroff was very pleased with the event and looks forward to doing this again after the next election. Judging from the turnout, the students of KSU do too. Of interest to all, is whether or not some of the predictions made during the discussion will come to pass.