SAUPO Draws Large Participation at 2nd Conference


KENNESAW, Ga. (Apr 30, 2013) — Reported by the Georgia Asian Times:

Atlanta, April 19, 2013 — Kennesaw State University organized the 2013 Symposium on Asia-USA Partnership Opportunities (SAUPO) as a platform for business leaders, scholars, diplomats, policymakers, and community leaders to share exchanges and views. Since its inauguration conference in 2011, the event has become the largest Asian business gathering of its kind in the southern U.S. region.

A wide topics covering business, health, humanities, social sciences, education, science, art, culture, and technology were discussed by panel of experts at the one day conference.

“We are pleased to provide a platform to discuss a wide range of viewpoints shaped by different professions, cultures, business practices, languages, and government policies,” said Dr. May Hongmei Gao, Associate Professor of Communication and Asian Studies at Kennesaw State University and Chair of SAUPO.

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