The Ties That Bind: KSU’s Asian Studies Program welcomes visitors from Japan


KENNESAW, Ga. (Sep 27, 2016) — On Thursday, September 15, just days before Atlanta’s annual Japan Fest weekend kicked off, over 300 KSU students and surrounding community members were captivated by a sneak peek of a special performance by Kabuki Theater actors all the way from Japan. Kabuki Theater originated in Japan and is a dramatic, stylized performance including chants, drawn out dances, and hints of martial arts. Performers from the group “Miya Biya” captured the attention of the audience with the history of Kabuki Theater, explaining that Kabuki characters are comparable to American style heroes like Superman and Batman. The crowd, including Cobb County families, were encouraged to interact with the Kabuki performers by shouting their company’s name and standing to their feet to learn stances and Kabuki-style movements.

These performances were an exciting way to not only kick off Japan Fest, but to continue the promotion of KSU’s brand new Asian Studies Program that was approved just earlier this year. The charismatic performers entertained audience members and answered the questions of inquisitive onlookers who were enthralled by each act. The Kabuki Theater performance, moderated by Asian Studies lecture series professors, Dr. Heeman Kim and Dr. May Gao, and interpreted by Dr. Masaka Racel, ended with thunderous claps from the audience and a line full of new fans awaiting photo opportunities.

Story by: Jilyian Chappel Couser, M.A, Integrated Global Communication