Welcome New CHSS Faculty Members!


KENNESAW, Ga. (Aug 17, 2016) — We are excited to welcome the following new faculty members into the CHSS family!


Clay Asbury – Lecturer
Matt Duffy – Assistant Professor
Sarah Johnson – Lecturer
Pete Latino – Lecturer


Sarah Creel – Lecturer
Laura Howard – Lecturer
Dr. Na-Rae Kim – Assistant Professor of English and Asian Studies (Joint appointment with ISD)
Dr. Clarice Moran – Assistant Professor

Foreign Languages

Dr. Sha Huang – Assistant Professor of Chinese
Allison Webb – Lecturer of Foreign Language Education and Spanish

Geography and Anthropology

Alice Gooding – Assistant Professor of Anthropology

History & Philosophy

Dr. Jonathan Gentry – Assistant Professor of History
Jamie McCandless – Lecturer
Ian Sullivan – Lecturer of Philosophy

Political Science & International Affairs

Timothy Kersey – Lecturer
Joshua Johnson – Lecturer


Dr. Katherine White – Assistant Professor

Sociology & Criminal Justice

Dr. Beverly Crank – Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice