Year of India Events Scheduled in Fall 2017


KENNESAW, Ga. (Aug 22, 2017) — I am delighted to report that we have seven outstanding speakers for our Year of India CHSS Spotlight Speaker Series, "Peace and Conflict in India: Diverse Perspectives" thanks to the incredible generosity of our CHSS-co-sponsors (SCMPD, HIST-PHIL, ISD, GWST & GEOG ANTH) that has enabled us to stretch our DGA grant budget.

Special thank you to our individual team members who reached out to some speakers and are hosting them at home. I include some information about the three Fall 2017 speakers here:

** Dr. Srimati Basu (University of Kentucky) will be speaking on September 14th 5pm at EB 102. Topic/Title: In the Shadow of Feminism: Men's Movements in India Imagine Family, Violence and Action." [We will be reading Dr. Basu's writing that week in my "Men and Women in India" course, if you want to read in preparation please email me.]

In the Shadow of Feminism: Men’s Movements in India Imagine Family, Violence and Action” Dr. Cabieri Robinson (University of Washington), speaking on Nov 8th, 2017 at 5pm at SO 2034 (in conjunction with my INCM 9006 class where we are reading her book, co sponsored by the DGA grant and SCMPD ) Title (Tentative): Perspectives on the Kashmir Conflict Dr. Geeta Patel (University of Virginia, Charlottesville) will be speaking on November 14th BB 152

Title: Science, Technology and India's Development (Dr. Sarasij Majumder is her host and his students STS 1101 students will be discussing some of her work in prep, please email him at in case you want to know more.

Dr. Patel's talk is co-sponsored by GWST and the DGA grant) I hope you will attend, bring your students, publicize our speaker events and contact me to meet individual speakers for tea/coffee during their visit. I will send out the details of the four Spring speakers as soon as some more steps are completed. Th fliers for Drs. Robinson and Patel will be available soon.