• The Game Narrative Lab at Kennesaw State UniversityWinner of the Critical Thinking Game Design Challenge

    The Game Narrative Lab Creates A NEW Game: Corporation Inc.
    Corporation Inc. puts the players into the shoes of Maria Villalobos, a 25-year-old Honduran native who comes to the United States to work at Corporation Incorporated as their new hiring manager in their ‘revitalization program’. Maria is put on a one-week trial in which she must review 25 applicants daily while judging their qualifications and skillsets. In addition to working against a ticking clock, she has to exercise critical thinking while navigating a skeptical boss, a lousy friend, and the discrimination most immigrants face upon their arrival to America. It’s up to the player how they navigate their first week at Corporation Incorporated.

    The Game Narrative Lab at Kennesaw State University
    Official release: December 15, 2023 at the SIEGE Indie Playground at Dream Hack Atlanta
    Winner of the Critical Thinking Game Design Challenge by Jennifer Ann's Group

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    • Jennifer Ann’s Group® Announces Winners of the Critical Thinking Game Design Challenge

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      Jennifer Ann’s Group, a leading nonprofit charity dedicated to violence prevention, is proud to announce the winners of the annual Life. Love. Game Design Challenge™. This prestigious competition, now in its 16th year, showcases the power of intentional game design to foster critical thinking and nonviolent engagement among young people. 

      Since its inception in 2008, Jennifer Ann’s Group's Gaming Against Violence™ program has gained widespread recognition for its groundbreaking approach to violence prevention. By harnessing the interactive nature of prosocial video games, the challenge seeks to promote thoughtful problem-solving, empathy, and positive social behaviors among players through a trauma-informed lens.

      Critical Thi­nking Games, video games intentionally designed to teach critical thinking. Presented by the Gaming Against Violence program from Jennifer Ann's Group, a nonprofit charity.