Game Narrative Lab Research

At the Game Narrative Lab, we focus on the social and behavioral impact of video game narratives in which the protagonist faces discrimination. We want to wage how the world can use video games and immersive media for social good.

  • Players’ experience

    Game Narrative Lab, Gammer on his computer, playing games

    One of our core projects is to study game narratives through players’ experiences. Because game narratives are co-constructed (the game narrative designer plans for every possible narrative path, but each player’s experience is unique), it is important to put the player at the center of the game, both when creating the narrative and when studying it. To study players’ experiences, we use mixed methods from the humanities and social sciences (observation, questionnaires, retellings).
    • Prosocial behavior

      pro-social video games, gamers helping gamers

      Can video game narratives leverage empathy for people who are discriminated against and impact social attitudes? While the global media discourse still focuses on video games promoting violent behavior, several research studies since 2009 have been centered around the positive social impact of video games following the Game for Change movement.