Graduate Certificate in Screen and Television Writing

The Graduate Certificate in Screen & TV  Writing is a unique, four-course, non-degree program that prepares community writers for entry into the competitive industry of writing for film, television, streaming platforms, and other media outlets. Through a combination of academic study and hands-on practical experience, you will strengthen your writing skills, learn the business of writing professionally in these fields, and develop relationships with classmates enrolled in both the master’s and certificate program.

You will take one required foundational course to learn the basics of screen storytelling, and you will select three electives with options in feature film writing, various types of television writing, including writing the half-hour, one-hour, and participating in a TV writers' room, as well as industry internships.

Through this certificate, you will learn the intricacies of screen story construction and will be prepared to pitch your projects to industry professionals, including development executives, producers, directors, and actors. Upon completion of the certificate, you will have a minimum of two polished film or television scripts to add to your portfolio.

While enrolled in the certificate program, if you choose to pursue the master’s degree, you may transfer up to nine credits toward the MAPW degree. You may also repeat the certificate program beyond the 12 hours for another certificate.

Most courses are workshops offered face-to-face weekday evenings at 6:30PM on the Kennesaw campus. Online courses are occasionally offered. You do not need to take the GRE for admission into the program. For more information on the admissions requirements and course offerings, please visit the Graduate Course Catalog link below:

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