About the Capstone

All students must be aware before beginning the capstone process that it is their responsibility to make sure that they follow all of the steps required by the MAPW Program and the University. 

MAPW students must complete a capstone project to graduate from the program, and to do so, they must enroll in PRWR 7960: MAPW Capstone Project for a minimum of six (6) credit hours.

We strongly recommend that students enroll for three (3) credit hours of PRWR 7960 in two succeeding semesters, not six (6) credit hours in one semester.

Students in PRWR 7960 receive a grade of “S” or “U”. “S” indicates that credit has been given for satisfactory completion of degree requirements other than academic course work. "U" indicates unsatisfactory performance or progress in an attempt to complete degree requirements other than academic course work.

Prerequisite: Completion of 27 credit hours in the MAPW program and at least 4 courses in the concentration; approval of capstone project.

Capstone Process Overview

A project designated as a thesis, portfolio or practicum and accompanied by a rationale for its purpose and design that involves electronic and/or print media and is relevant to the student's concentration in professional writing.

After submitting an approved capstone proposal, the candidate works under the direction and advice of two faculty members to produce the project.

The candidate must submit the capstone project:

  • At least two weeks before either:A discussion about the project with the faculty committee; or
  • A public presentation about the project or a reading from the project for an audience of faculty and peers.

The candidate will consult with the capstone committee chair and committee member about which option to choose.

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