Alumna Mackleen Desravines Launches Webseries


KENNESAW, Ga. (Mar 29, 2017) — Alumna Mackleen Desravines (MAPW 2015) has written and produced a webseries, “The Adjuncts.” It is a witty, dark-comedy about part-time professors who work and struggle in academia. The webseries follows six adjunct instructors at a small college as they navigate personal and professional issues in the roller-coaster ride that is academia. The series delves into the real-life issues plaguing adjuncts with a comedic and dramatic twist.

Mackleen joined forces with another MAPW alumna, class of 2012, Imani Marshall-Stephen, to create the series. Together they casted, hired, co-wrote, and produced the series within a matter of a year. “The Adjuncts” had their launch party on October 21st to premiere episode one. Audiences can view episodes 1& 2 right now. The entire season consists of 10 episodes, averaging 10-15 minutes in length and packing a punch in every minute!

Mackleen and Imani ask that viewers subscribe to the page, so they never miss an episode and can also have first dibs on any behind the scenes footage from the season, including bloopers, interviews from cast and crew, and sneak peeks. Additionally, viewers’ subscriptions, views, and likes, will be the catalyst that launches season 2 in the coming year! For more information and a link to the videos, please visit

“The Adjuncts” social media is as follows:

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