Mission & Distinguishing Characteristics


The Department of World Languages and Cultures' international community is committed to collaborating in innovative work that crosses both national and disciplinary boundaries. Faculty members’ fields of expertise range from foreign language education to cultural studies, literary theory, intercultural competence, linguistics, and film studies. In addition, each faculty member is an experienced and committed foreign language teacher. The Department contributes significantly to the College mission of facilitating an understanding of human interaction across world cultures and time, enhancing awareness of global perspectives, and fostering in students the knowledge, skills, and versatility needed to succeed personally, academically, and professionally in an ever-changing society.

Distinguishing Characteristics

The Department of World Languages and Cultures (WLC) celebrates a variety program offerings and faculty areas of specialty and interest. The activities of the WLC place it at the very center of the University’s efforts to ensure that all KSU students are able to participate effectively in the international community. The Department prides itself on its excellence in teaching; faculty research and creative activities, including the development of undergraduate research; engagement with local, national, and international communities; and service to the college and the university.

The Department has a strong commitment to:

  • Preparing students to be linguistically and culturally proficient in a second or third language to use in related professional careers.
  • Fostering a comprehensive, interdisciplinary research agenda, with an international focus, including foreign language education, cultural studies, literary theory, intercultural competence, linguistics, translation studies, and film studies.
  • Internationalizing the University and the community through the faculty members’ expertise within the areas of professional service, community engagement, and participation in interdisciplinary programs.

The Department serves thousands of Kennesaw State University students interested in studying American Sign Language, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. In all courses, faculty members make available content knowledge in the target languages, literatures and cultures, as well as opportunities for students to develop the skills needed to live and work in a multicultural world.

The Modern Language and Culture major encompasses programs in French, German, Italian, and Spanish with concentrations in Second Language and Culture, Teacher Certification in Foreign Language, Applied Business, and Cross-disciplinary Perspectives. The ML&C major is distinguished regionally and nationally through the requirement of student participation in a significant study abroad experience in the target language to enhance the authenticity of linguistic and cultural education. Our minor programs in Chinese Studies, French and Francophone Studies, German Studies, Italian Studies, Lusophone Studies, and Spanish enrich students through a variety of foci and disciplinary approaches. 

Our teacher certification programs are nationally accredited, and are committed to the collaborative model adopted by KSU’s Educator Preparation Provider (EPP) and the Bagwell College of Education. 

The Department is the home of the World Languages Resource Collection, which is an integral part of language teaching at KSU. The WLRC supports and promotes language learning and instruction by providing guidance with the creation and dissemination of innovations with respect to foreign language pedagogy, intercultural competency, and instructional technology.